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Welcome to my travel site! 

In September of 2021 I left my little apartment and moved into a van. I spent 3 months getting used to the lifestyle locally and on January 1st, left Massachusetts to travel for a couple of years. Having just turned 60, I felt like "Now is The Time!"

I know a lot of people who have a similar desire to live more freely. So I created this site to share my experiences.

If you are either 1. just curious about what I'm up to or 2. wanting to learn about van life (and traveling as a solo female), or 3. wanting to do the something similar and wanting to know how to do it (and what is out there to support said lifestyle) ... or 4. wanting to simply support my mission, you can click the Subscribe button and join me.

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I am so happy you are taking a trip with me! 

A Longheld Dream


I don't remember how the idea solidly formed. It probably began after reading Even Cowgirls Get The Blues and all those Outdoor magazines in high school. Either way it definitely was back then that I first dreamt of getting in (or on) a vehicle and meandering along the backroads across this awesome country.

In 2011, at 50 years old, I began traveling in my Jeep Renegade with 600 pounds of Selenite Crystal offering educational presentations and guided meditations with them. I LOVED IT!! For years I journeyed across the US, sometimes for several months, staying with friends and family along the way. But it was not quite the same as what I had imagined as a teenager; relaxed and freely wandering.

I was always rushing to meet a scheduled stop, and spent way too much time on the highways whizzing by all the interesting places I was drooling to stop at. And every time I returned to Massachusetts there was the challenge of finding a new place to stay. Whenever I saw a cool looking van pass by, I was inspired. That's the way to go!  

Vans are small enough to drive comfortably and park stealthily, yet large enough to make a small home and Jewelry Studio in, like little condos on wheels! The pandemic pushed me even harder to make a change. My Jewelry Business was all on-line so I was free to work wherever I wanted. So in October 2020, I bit the bullet and bought a 2017 Dodge Promaster to convert into my new digs. Each month I released my possessions, letting so much go. It felt awesomely freeing!


I did most of the work on the buildout myself but had some much needed help with cabinetry, plumbing and electric. Selly was completed in September ... and off I went!!