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About Selenite Wandering

Why Selenite?


It all began at The Angel Room, in Mashpee Massachusetts, which opened in 2008 as a studio/gallery for the painting of my Angelic Light Project. After one Summer, the space morphed into a 2,500 square foot wellness center with 12 teachers and practitioners. We offered Yoga, massage, reiki, intuitive readings, craniosacral therapy, shamanic journeys, meditation, psychic development classes and fabulous events.


Some people would come in, get blissed out, then sigh, rolling their eyes saying, “now I have to go home.” As if all that bliss stayed in the center. I wanted more. I wanted something that people could take home or to work, with them, to continue the peace they found at The Angel Room. 

And I found that something!

I was first introduced to Selenite at the Gem & Mineral show in Tucson in January 2011 where I met the owners of a quarry in New Mexico. They invited me to sit on a 13" x 15" x  1.5" slab of crystal with another slab under my feet. I was instructed to place my hands on the crystal and set an intention to "clear anything and everything that no longer served me," then sit and relax for just a couple of minutes.


While sitting with my eyes closed, I had a vision of water pouring off of high plateaus as if I were looking at the earth after the Great Flood. Then I saw crystals being used in energy sessions, under a client laying on a treatment table. When I stood up, I immediately felt a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. It was so amazing after only 2 minutes I felt completely light inside! I shared my visions with one of the owners, Trudy, and she laughed "Selenite was made from Ancient Ocean Water Dehydrating!!" WOW!!


I excitedly told my friends who were there with me to try it, and they all felt a similar sensation. The next day, I placed an order, for 4 large pieces and two hand pieces to be shipped to my center for use in my Reiki Sessions.


When the crystals arrived, I spent several weeks experimenting with them and developed a unique modality that combined intention setting, a chakra clearing guided meditation, energy transference, Reiki and crystal bowl sound therapy. My clients reported feeling lighter,  clearer, more vibrant, more focused and had a more joyous state of being.  Time after time I heard "that was the MOST powerful session I have EVER  had!" Thrilled with the results, I soon set off to share the stones abilities with as many people and practitioners as possible. It has been an amazing journey filled with many success stories.

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When I began offering Selenite & Sound™ Meditation Events at local healing centers and traveled across the US with my work, people who fell in love with the stones. They would often ask me where they could purchase Selenite jewelry. In 2013 I took a jewelry wrapping class and began wrapping the extra pieces that had come off the slabs during shipping. I soon fell completely in love with making wearable art with these powerful medicine stones and love it still today.

After being travel-less for three years now and heard the call of the open road. So I set off in my van Selly with my mission to share all the goodness of Selenite. I planned to truly wander. Finding cool places close to home while I finished my Fall event schedule in New England and enjoyed the holidays with my family and friends. Then I headed off to North Carolina in January and Tucson Gem Show in February. I returned to New England in late April for two months then headed off again ...

This site is for those of you who want to: follow my journey closely, learn about Vanlife, and/or see all the cool places I will be visiting: Rock shops, Wellness Centers, Harvest Hosts, National Parks, State Parks, etc. 



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