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OK, so That was a whirlwind. My head is still spinning! I wake up every morning with "where am I?!??!" I can't believe it's been months, MONTHS, since I've posted a blog here. The Facebook group posts are so much easier than accessing this site on the road.

I arrived in Massachusetts two days ago loaded with bowls, jewelry, Selenite Crystals and joy. It feels so good to be back in the loving arms of friends and family! And the energy shift was palpable ... back to that courageous, take-no-shit, tell it to me straight, hard-working, rock n roll vibe ... yes, that is Mass to me. So I celebrated Wednesday night and rested yesterday and today I am ready to get busy. Headed to Bohemian Babe to set up today and Sunday. Tomorrow I am WeBreathe Wellness for their beautiful Spring Sip n Shop. Then it is off to Stoughton to help Mischa, Kali and Marla set up the new Amandi Reiki space where I will be offering private sessions.

The trip was fantastic in so many ways. It was amazing getting to see so many dear old friends along the way and really spend quality time together. Spending weeks at Jay Schwed's and Mark Hooper's ranches was blissful. Having my newly retired sister Joan join me for two weeks to explore Sedona vortexes, the Grand Canyon, and Texas beaches together was priceless. Getting to join Mark and Trudy on a dig and to see all the work and love that goes into the Selenite process was inspirational. Meditating with them in their domed chapel was deeply healing. Wide open spaces infused in my soul imbedding a sense of peace and confidence I have never known. Like I swallowed huge doses of "All is well-ness"

As always, I like to keep it real ... for those who might think this lifestyle is nothing but easy. Although I am quite fond of easy and am still shooting for it! In contrast to the afore mentioned bliss, it was a challenge to juggle the finances. Not having venues lined up, not spending enough time connecting with new centers, and being so isolated most of the time along the way did not help. There was also so much to consider (the where, when, how of it all)... even the timing of, you know: showers, hair, makeup before putting on any kind of sales hat.

The fear was huge when I first hit the road ... the will I be able to really pul this off? monster loomed large. Nearly all my pennies had gone into making the van livable. I had no venues lined up with guaranteed sales. Literally, it was terrifying. On-line sales would be my lifeline. By the time I made it to the Selenite ranch, (Texas is a long ways away!) I completely lost it. Which, in retrospect deepened my connection to Crystalline Phoenix and helped create an amazing partnership. Vulnerable melt downs can be helpful even if they are mortifying!

We worked together to figure out how best to support each other. I had been blown away by the on-line "live sale" process which I had witnessed at the Tucson Gem Show. Young kids who had just gotten into the crystal biz were manifesting $12,000 in sales in 90 minutes. One of them had 2,000 people on the live feed! So the Hoopers, Trudy and I dabbled with the concept and did two at the ranch. They were awesome for the first ones! It was a lot to handle watching the comments so as not to miss a purchase. (So annoying saying MINE to something first and having it given to someone else in the comment feed!) But, overall it was super fun. I was psyched to be able to thank CP for helping me by facilitating the sale for them. I was equally psyched to be able to help people buy wholesale, directly from them! It was a win-win-win!

This first leg of my two plus year journey established a better foundation for the future of Selenite Wandering. I am planning on being in Mass for two months then returning in November and December. So happy to partner again with Shawn Aceto. Trading the use of his amazing crystal singing bowls for assistance in selling them. I am booking Selenite & Sound sessions and events in homes, offices and wellness centers! Feels fantastic to once again infusing those high vibes!! And it will make my traveling so much easier. I will also be posting mini mediations on social media platforms including this site.

As I look back at the whole picture, I see you right there with me. I am so grateful for each and every on-line order! You who bought subscriptions to SW or yet another piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, helped me literally put gas in the tank and coffee in my blood!! I am convinced there is absolutely Nothing we do alone. This trip and way of life was and is not possible without you. It's a story we write together about the magic of crystals, about freedom, about being courageous, about breaking free, and about keeping the faith that even in a chaotic world there is so much beauty and kindness to be witnessed and grateful for.


With Love and light,


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