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A Little Setback

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

My building was interrupted last week by moving Rachel out of this apartment on Thursday and into her Providence apartment on Friday. I was so exhausted by the heat I could not do anything else physical. I did drive to Brockton to meet with the guys that installed my friend Sean's solar panels but I felt after talking to them that I could do a better job, especially after the success with the windows and fan ... piece of cake!!

Then I had to quarantine over the weekend because there was a slight chance I had been exposed to Covid. Thank goodness that my friend was vaccinated!! He feels he would not be here today had he not. He is feeling fine now. Anyways, I signed up for the test on Saturday and took it Sunday so I had three days here in my apartment. Finally heard today that I am negative, so I am back to work.

I made good use of my down time by taking advantage of the tax free weekend and online ordering my fridge, flooring, inverter, foam for bed/cushions and counters. Then I went through the assortment of old computer disks and drives and organized all my files. I am leaving my desktop behind wit my niece so everything had to be taken off it. Only taking a laptop with me, so I put all of my files on an external drive that I can just plug into.

I also digitized all my paper photos. Like, thousands of them!! Phew!!

Today, I watched the install video a couple more times, laid out the solar panels and went over the electric part with my niece's hubby. I had met with my ex while moving Rachel to go over the plans and his schedule to help me with cabinetry. Feeling much better about both things. Planning a trip to first get some almond milk for my coffee then to Home Depot to pick up my purchases then tackling the panels, all first thing tomorrow. Simply screwing them onto the roof and applying silicone to the screws and joints. So much easier than finagling some sort of deck with the frame I have OR buying an expensive roof rail system that I would have to further mess with.

I feel good about the move in 2 weeks even though it seems like I am so far behind. The next parts will flow more easily. Screwing strapping onto walls is up next after the solar panels followed by insulation and wiring.

My oldest daughter arrives tomorrow from DC for her sister's birthday on Thursday. too So there will be some fun to be had with them. If I am not done on the first, I will simply hang at my sisters till I am finished.

Gotta smell those roses along the way!!

Thank you all so very much for following my journey!!

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