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Calling On Angels

Updated: May 5, 2022

Rayville, LA at “A Front Yard” Friday, January 20, 2022 at 4:35am

The lights still glow, hung with care in the trees around the van. I am parked in my Host Amanda’s large yard and my curtains are back to let the magic in. I‘m usually buttoned up tight so that no light comes in or goes out, but I feel safe here. No need for stealth camping last night. I can hear the hum of trucks hustling already on Route 20, just a couple miles away and Amanda’s rooster crowing intermittently.

Good morning world.

It doesn’t take long for the 21 degrees outside to creep into the warm cozy van. The heater will kick on any minute now. Every morning I wake up a little more healed from the electric saga trauma. Deeply grateful that I don’t hear the low voltage alarm on the inverter beeping at 3am. The system is working!!!! I even dared to use my induction burner to warm some water last night and still, I made it through!

Last night’s dinner was tortilla chips with some salsa verde with sour cream, and a glass and a half of Chardonnay. Just didn’t feel like preparing a meal after a long emotional day of driving. I had woken up in Alabaster Alabama at four something, washed up, put on my jeans and boots and turned the ignition key anxiously. YES, it works. The battery held its charge! Just before five o’clock I crept out of the parking lot trying not to disturb my kind neighbors who had offered help me in the morning if I needed it.

There is a Starbucks nearby and Siri says it opens at 5!

As I pulled into the lot I saw limited lights! The sign on the door said they opened at 6. OK. Back to bed for another hour then I pulled the handle on the door again; locked. The girl behind the counter motioned that the DRIVE THROUGH opens at 6! I gotta poop! After four months of not pooping in the van, I was determined to find a bathroom. There was a Dunky 8 minutes away. Surely they will be open! And they were. ! I was on the road to Selma with a perfect iced latte by 6:30.

Driving through South Carolina and Georgia the day before was emotional. When I’m traveling alone, I can feel the energies of the land much more clearly. There was so much pain in the South! The outrageous inhumanity of white supremists makes me crazy. To be so blind and twisted to not see that all people are people. Each and every one of us is sacred. I could feel the energy of the traders that went to other countries to take people and enslave them to do work … to beat them and chain them and whip them into submission!! Possessed by pure evil and insanity. I thought about how even today, so many people with hate in their hearts actually attend church. How the fuck does that happen? Where is the disconnect? Jesus' message was so very simple .... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

I've seen the Union Jack still waving its ugly self down here … I’ve only seen three so far, and each got my immediate one finger salute. I struggle with my own anger. Trying not to hate the haters. To remember it is generational conditioning and ignorance and fear mongering.

I was angry and sad. And glad that I had a Black Lives Matter sticker on my van. I feel like the white skinned mother figure scolding the misbehavin! I feel like I am saying "ENOUGH!" ... taking a stand.

Then, I remembered why I came. I did not come here to be sad and angry. I came to do some work. So I connected with and imagined the host of Angels from my dream back in 1999. I called upon them to descend upon the land and merge into all the broken spirits there, including my own. I felt the radiant beings uplifting the hearts and minds of all people connected to this pain. I saw and felt the pure love energy flow through time and space like a nuclear blast transforming everything in its midst. My heart filled with love and compassion for all people. Forgiving them for they know not what they do.

Who knows what larger effect it had, but it was what I felt I must do. It definitely helped raise my own spirits.

The road to Selma on Friday glowed with hope, and courage, and commitment to a cause. I could feel people driving on this very road I traveled upon, coming in from all over the country to march together against the evils of oppression! I think of how the voting wars rage on today still! It is just so crazy to me. I take route 80 into Selma and there it is, the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Scenes from the movie Selma flash in my mind and tears roll down my cheeks. Heroic historic moments in time layer over into the present. I turn left at the lights towards the A.M.E. Church where the march began. The poverty and disrepair of buildings and roads breaks my heart. Still … oppression. I turn again to the path of courage and drive to Montgomery imagining how it felt to walk 54 miles in five days. I call in the Angels all the while, and feel them dispelling the darkness of the hate surrounding the sacred field of hope and power. I envision the energy of light dissolving and transforming the fear that turned into hate into ease and grace. All the way to beautiful Montgomery.

It is a small offering, but it is made in love and hope and peace. And as you read this you add to its energy.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey.

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