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My First Week

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I cut up my mattress for my seating/bed area. Each night I feel like I am in my bed at “home”. And I am! Getting a good sleep is crucial.

Most nights of the first week were spent parked under the huge maples at my sister and brother in law’s home in Mendon. I wanted to get used to sleeping in the van and figuring out where everything was before I ventured out.

Each morning i would dress and head out early for coffee and toilet. (I currently have a very humble toilet for #1 only, which i use at night … it’s super easy. Waiting to order my full compost C-head toilet sooooon) Then every other day i did a quick workout at Anytime Fitness and took a long shower. Days were spent on the road running errands and meeting up with people and hanging out in beautiful places.

Overnight parking, for now, is relegated to friends and family’s driveways until i get the electric hooked up and am truly self contained with running water and power. My second lithium battery arrives this week and i am hoping that two is enough to power my mini fridge (currently using a small cooler). Nephew Caleb will hopefully have time to get me connected this week.

Once the electricity is on i can sign up on the boondocking apps, Harvest Hosts and Welcome Boondockers. So excited for that!!!

This weekend setting up my jewelry was a bust (feel like i need to just transition back to online sales and get into the rhythm of photographing my work and posting etc) but it was so awesome in other ways. I was super comfy parking in Brant Rock on Saturday and i am now cat sitting for a friend for a couple of days and staying in her driveway near the marsh. Soooooo nice and quiet!!!! Got to spend time with South Shore friends and laughed till we cried!!

Ten days and all is well.

Thanks so much for joining me in this adventure!!


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