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Ready For My New Life

The final setback ... still in my apartment! Spraining my ankle last Sunday was a blessing

really. It forced me to get some much needed rest. I finally feel as though I've caught my breath after four 10-hour days working on Selly last week. Knowing when to surrender is helpful and asking my landlord for an extra 8 days was easier than I thought. Yay!

I am so happy with how the van looks! My ex-husband, John, and his crew went above and beyond ... I thought originally that they would simply guide me, but we ran out of time and they had an opening in the schedule to do more than that ... thank goodness! Between the four of us we did about a months worth of work in just 8 days. They did the measuring and cutting, I helped with screwing things in, cutting things out, making templates, planning, spackling, painting, tiling, sanding etc. (the blue in the photo is painter's tape ... which will be removed soon, LOL)

I am loving the cabinetry, tiling and brightness. Hoping to complete the plumbing and finish-work (door handles, paint, latches etc) on Wednesday. The electric will have to wait ... so much more involved than I imagined. And I am still not sure if it is more than my nephew can handle. May check in with VanWorx in Uxbridge with some questions.

Sooooo, I guess I will be a basic camper for a bit ... cooler and water jugs will have to do for food and drink. Still need to sew the seat cushions and get a toilet before Thursday. Going to start with a simple compostable Cabela toilet ($80 plus $35 for 12 compostable gel bags) until I can spring for a C-head ($800). I have an Anytime Fitness membership for showers ... open 24/7 everywhere.

The plan is to move in Thursday and have a little celebratory something with my sister and her husband 6 houses up the street and stay overnight. Then I will head to Brant Rock for the weekend, popping up at Bohemian Babe on Friday and Saturday. I will be at the SEMAPPD in Lakeville in Sunday ... such a fun event!!

The Selenite Wandering Begins ... thank you so much for joining me!!

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