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Settling In

Wow!! Hard to believe it has been a month since I moved into Selly!

Most of it has been easier and more beautiful than I had imagined. I have loved spending more time with friends and family, helping out and having fun along the way. A few curve balls have thrown me off balance but that is to be expected ... it's a huge life change.

The best part has been the euphoric sense of freedom that comes with Vanlife. I have all my possessions with me at all times and easily travel from place to place whenever the spirit moves me. It still surprises me how effortless that part is. I wake up and choose where I want to be and simply Go There! Even though I am still in Mass, I am exploring small parks, beaches and restaurants every day.

I love love love sleeping in the van. I still sometimes feel like I am sleeping in my apartment!! So grateful that I chose to cut up my mattress!! I also feel very safe! And I did Not expect to! This was probably one of my biggest fears prior to the move. There was no way of knowing how I would actually feel. Every night I sleep with my phone, keys and pepper spray beside me and fall fast asleep without worry.

Not having power (no fridge, no running water, no heat) has been tiring. My nieces hubby, Caleb's life is Very full and aligning our schedules has been most difficult. The heater is in my possession and I have an appointment with Harbro Auto on Tuesday to see if they can/will install it. It plugs right into my gasoline and uses minimal fuel ... thermostat controlled ... will be SOOOOO good!! Another tricky thing is that the water tank leaked! As fate would have it a plumber showed up at my sister and brother in laws house when I was there this week and is fixing it Wednesday!! YAY!!

Adjusting to working in the van has also been a challenge. I have made some things standing up at my counters but have not created a lot. I am mounting my table today so that will help. The bed/bench cushions still need to be covered and I am not really looking forward to the daily conversion of bed to work area and back. The cushions are so thick, they are not as easy to maneuver as I thought they would be. And I need to figure out where to put all the bedding when I do convert. Started letting go of another layer of pillows, blankets and clothes. To be continued!!

The other tricky work component has been my reluctance to use this laptop. I was gifted a beautiful Mac Air but I have deeply missed the ease of my all in one PC with all my passcodes loaded on it!! LOL. It makes my head spin at times keeping track of my 50+ passwords OY ... it took me a half hour this morning just to figure out how to get back on my Maps page to update the SW Map. But I did it!! Two steps forward.

All in all it has been very awesome and I am so so glad that I made the move!! I know that when the kinks are out and I am fully operational, life will be easier. Once I have power and water hooked up I can begin boondocking through my Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome Memberships. I am Very excited for that!!

Thank you again for being here with me!!

Love and Light


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