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Twenty-Seven Days

Sleep is good. Too many late nights and early mornings make for an emotional girl. I waiver between the "piece of cake" moments, the "I've got this", the "why can't this be easier", and the "what am I doing?!?" moments. There have been a few tearful bouts ... which I know, is part of the process. Rachel moves out a week from tomorrow. Living together again has been such a gift, I can't believe the year is done! She is taking with her everything but what will go in the van, LOL. All the furniture but my bed, bureau and table, all the plants, even the shower curtain and bathroom rug! It will feel very different in many ways!! Then there are the worries about transitioning my 5 month old relationship into this new lifestyle has been challenging as well. Despite the roller coaster, I know it will all be worth it when I move in on September 1st.

Basically from 6am to midnight each day, my hours are divvied up between, of course building the van, watching endless how-to videos, weeding through my stuff (digitizing old photos, reading through years of journals to pull out bits for my book and purging the rest, organizing computer files and back ups) oh, and MAKING JEWELRY!

This weekend is key. Scituate Heritage Days Fair, where I am counting on two awesome days of sales to give me the money to finish the build in time. Next purchases are the water tank, pump, sink and water heater. Many things will be bought on credit through Home Depot; not these. The build is like a puzzle and figuring out the order of steps is tricky. I am sooooo grateful for all the great van build YouTube videos ... I started making a list on the build page. I need the 20 gallon tank in to figure out the seating area/bed framing layout.

So on this rainy Thursday I will create a massive amount of product for the weekend. Tomorrow I will get an early start on the ceiling fan (should take 2 hours to install) and my new jewelry displays; which will have their own draw that will pull out from the back of the van from under the raised floor. No more crates! Monday I will switch into high gear with the build which will now be easy since I won't have to worry about the weather as much. Oh speaking of which I finally figured out the sliding door window!! It glues on!! Does not need a frame ... phew!!


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