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What will it be like?

36 days left on Maple Street ... I wake up in my apartment and wonder what it will be like waking up in the van. Will I be nervous? Will I feel like I am perpetually camping? I am soooo excited to visit friends and family. I shower, brush my teeth etc, wondering, what it will be like in the van. How ready will I be on September 1st? I just researched water tanks and pumps on Amazon ... AGAIN. I think I will install a 20 gallon tank instead of a 30. Most likely, I will only use the tank water for dishes and cleaning. Delivery time is great so I will consult with the build manager and see what he thinks.

Who is my build manager? The guy I met in my 20s when we were both building houses on Nantucket. AKA hubby #1 and father of our 2 daughters. So grateful for John's input and assistance. He is overseeing the project, handing me tools and helping when I get stuck ... and laughing with me through it all.

I have the subflooring done ... kind of. I still need to sand the seams. Sigh. Tomorrow I plan to tackle the back sliding windows. I have watched videos of others' window installs and it looks pretty straightforward. First I will need to empty the van ... Selly.

Easy peasy. Right? I'm trying not to freak out. So much to do in so little time. I've got this.

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