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Minibus on the Road

The Road
January to May 2022

Kelsie's, Washington DC ~ Jan 1-4

I left Massachusetts on January 1, 2022 and drove 11 hours to my daughter's apartment in Washington DC. I parked Selly in the Union Station Garage ($60/night) ... snowstorm hit and I had to stay an extra day ... gladly.

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Carolyn's in Asheville, NC ~ Jan 7-9

Carolyn and I met at The Crystal Cave in Medfield in 2012. She moved to Asheville last year and invited me to stop by and visit. So I did!!


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Sherri's in Leland NC ~ Jan 11-13

I met Sherri in 2005 when she & John bought a house nearby in Falmouth. She was part of the Angel Room collaborative and helped me make the center so beautiful!! I fell in love with their little pooch on this trip

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Vicki's in Mocksville ~ Jan 15-19

Vicki offered to host a jewelry party for me. Her friends came and I made several custom pieces for them. The next day the storm inspired me to delay my trip south and reroute to a more southern route.

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The Texas Ranch ~ Jan 24-Feb 10

The home of Crystalline Phoenix and the place where I purchase the good stuff (since 2011). Always awesome to return here.

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Jay's in Snowflake AZ ~ Feb 12-25

Jay Schwed pulled up to the Angel Room in 2008 and opened the back of his old Toyota pickup truck explaining that he and his singing bowls had not been "home" for 10 years! With jaw dropped I stood imagining what it would be like to be on the road, wild & free.

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The Dig Site ~ Feb 28-Mar 7

After 11 years of working together, it happens!! I get to visit the Crystalline Phoenix Dig Site In New Mexico. Amazing to see what is involved with harvesting these m

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Back at the Ranch ~ Mar 24-April 9

ahhhhhhhh back to Crystalline Phoenix ... to meditating most days, doing a couple of live sales and loving the land and friends

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Vicki's in Mocksville, NC ~ Jan 4-7

Vicki and I met in 1987 waiting tables in Ft Myers, FL. We started businesses together. I was making hand painted garments and she repped them. And we have been great friends all these years! She and Bob have a slice of heaven in Mocksville ... see more


Jeff's in Chapel Hill, NC ~ Jan 9-11

Jeff and I met at a Wellness Fair in Mass in 2016. We traveled together in his RV for four months in 2017. Journeyed south into Florida then along the southern states and up through California to Oregon. And we are still friends! 

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Marla's in Ocean Isle ~ Jan 13-15

Marla walked into the Angel Room one day in 2009 and I fell in love!! She is an Angel herself and even though we don't see each other often, it always feels like yesterday. 


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Boondocking in the South ~ Jan 19-23

My first stays with  Boondockers Welcome & Harvest Hosts in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas were AWESOME!!! Love it so very much!!  Safe, friendly and no crowds.

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Gem Show in Tucson ~ Feb 10-12

Due to the bad weather I ended up at the Gem Show the day before it closed down ... still got to hang with Gary Rowley from Euphoralite.

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Kerry's in Santa Fe ~ Feb 25-28

Kerry and I met when we were 5 years old. She and her husband are both scientists and live outside of Santa Fe ... I love stopping in to say hi to them and their cats


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Sister Time ~ Mar 7-23

Loved travelling with my sister Joan. Phoenix, Sedona, Snowflake, New Mexico, Texas Coast ... an amazing unforgettable 2 weeks together 

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week 2


our view

Long Way Home ~ April 9-19

a little apprehensive about going home. feel like I have changed ... feeling untethered and wondering if I will get sucked into the same old or maintain my sense of freedom. But, it was so good to be home.

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