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Blue Water


Here are some guided meditation recordings ... to help you relax and renew.

I am playing Crystal Singing Bowls from Shawn Aceto Sounds

Feel free to download and enjoy.


Visit if you want me to record a personalized meditation just for you


Selenite & Sound™ Meditations ~ My Passion

For the past 11 years I have traveled the country offering guided meditations with Selenite Crystals and Crystal Singing Bowls. The Pandemic put a stop to that, obviously, and now I am back in full swing with my events.

I am looking for host centers in Washington DC, NC, SC, GA, TX, and AZ in January and February of 2023

Click Here for MA schedule

Sample Meditations to help Relax & Unwind

Stepping Away

A five minute meditation to unplug from chaotic thoughts


A two and a half minute meditation to instill peace, relaxation and well-being

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