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My VanBuild Journey

Step 1: Windows and Doors
A. Put in the back slider windows CHECK
B. Install the ceiling fan. CHECK
C. figure out what to do with the slider window that came without a frame!! (doesn't need one LOL ... you just glue it in place!!! OMG!!!) CHECK
D Install Slider Door Window

Step 2: attach Solar Panels. CHECK

Step 3: Insulation CHECK

Step 4: Strapping Supports ... Framing  CHECK

Step 5: Ceiling & Wiring (Lights & Solar)  CHECK and 5A Finish Electric 

Step 6: Cabinetry CHECK

Step 7: Plumbing .... ummmmmmmm, yah still on hold (installed sink, facet, pump and heater but did not power them, and tank but it leaked and I took it out to fill space with crystals. The way I have been traveling, I have not missed it 

Step 8: Flooring CHECK

Step 9: Window coverings CHECK

Step 10: Pillows and curtains CHECK

Step 11: Screens .... waiting on finish trim

Step 12: Security kind of CHECK

Step 13 Install heater Check
A. cut in and connect to gas tank CHECK
B: wire heater CHECK

Step 14: Finish Trim ...


These Are The Build Videos That I watched Over and Over and Over Again!!

Window & Fan Installs by BigLogan

SubFlooring by Jason Klunk

Alluvinium Inc ... all videos


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